Mazel Tov to Duvi and Devorah Trainer on the birth of a baby boy this week. The Shalom Zachor will take place tonight at Duvi’s brother’s house, 17 Laurel Avenue.Read More →

Dear Mispalelim, As we have done each year, the Shul is offering all mispalelim a unique opportunity to join together to be mechabed Rabbi Spira, shlita, by participating in purchasing the Chosson Torah aliyah on Simchas Torah, l’chvod Rabbi Spira. Every family can participate by making a pledge (minimum of $18) to the Shul expressly to purchase Chosson Torah for the Rov. Each year, more families have responded and the Rov has been truly touched by this beautiful demonstration of Hakaras HaTov. We all benefit and grow from Rabbi Spira’s leadership. This is a wonderful opportunity to express Hakaras Hatov and Kavod HaTorah in aRead More →

*Shul Announcements:* 1. Kiddush this week is sponsored by by the Friedman family in honor of the upcoming 1st Yahrtzeit on the 2nd day of Succos for Yosef’s grandmother, Feiga Bas Yitzchak Tzvi. 2. Cholent is sponsored by Eli Klein. 3. The Schedule for Shabbos Chol Hamoed and the last days will be sent out on Chol Hamoed. 4. Chol Hamoed breakfast and learning sponsorships (3 available) at $50 each. Please respond to this email if you would like to sponsor. 5. Candy sponsorships for the children on Simchas Torah is available for $150. Please respond to this email if you would like to sponsor.Read More →