Reminder: Shachris Tomorrow Morning (Friday/Rosh Chodesh): 6:50 a.m. *Shul Announcements:* 1. Ner L’Maor is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Yoni Merzel in memory of all of their family members who perished this time of year during the Shoah. 2. Please remember to complete your Mishnayos for the Siyum to be held at the Neilas HaChag. 3. *The following are available for sponsorship for Shavuos*: a. Refreshments Shavuos – First Night: $100 (2 available) b. Shiurim $100 (3 available) c. Rav’s shiur: $150 (the last shiur of the night) d. Kiddush Sponsorship available (for 2nd day Yom Tov). Neilas HaChag/Siyum is Sponsored by Ms. Blimi Kroopnik,Read More →