The following Sponsorship Opportunities are available for Shavuos: Refreshments Shavuos Night: $100 (2 of 2 available) Shiurim $100 (3 of 3 available) Rav’s shiur: $150 (the last shiur of the night) Neilas Hachag: $150 Siyum/Kiddush Sponsorships available (for 2nd day Yom Tov) as well. Please email or reply to this email to reserve your sponsorship(s). Siyum HaMishnayos We are ALMOST finished Sisha Siderei Mishna. If you have not yet signed up, please do so at: spreadsheet/ccc?key= 0AmUrJsP5jh5FdDdEVTRmTEp1TWRvU nZrX2VvZ0I1dlE&usp=sharing RvUnZrX2VvZ0I1dlE&usp=sharing>Read More →