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Important Shul Security Announcement

Dear Mispallelim, Recently there have been devastating attacks on Shuls in the US and on other houses of worship in the US and throughout the world.
Our Shul is located on one of the busiest streets in the area and is easily identifiable as a “Jewish” building.
Along with many other local Shuls who have taken steps to increase security, the Board of BMZE has reluctantly decided to take the following steps to enhance the overall security of Mispallelim of the Shul: 1. The Board has engaged a security firm to provide an armed guard Shabbos and Yom Tov mornings. The cost for the guard is not included in the Shul’s regular budget. An invoice for $125 will be sent out to each family to help cover the cost. 2. The Main Avenue doors will no longer be left unlocked during Davening. We understand that this may present as an inconvenience, but measures such as these have become an unfortunate reality in our current society.
As mentioned, these changes also reflect some of the changes being implemented in other shuls in the area, and we will continue to remain current on these issues and how they are being handled. Going forward, Mispallelim can use the rear entrance to enter the building
Do not prop either door open for any reason at any time. It may be a Sakanah.
The Board in conjunction with the Security team will also be looking into other ways to enhance the Shul’s security (what to do in case of an attack Hashem Yishmor, panic buttons etc).
At this time, we would also like to remind you that letting children run around unsupervised outside in front of the building or in the parking lot is unsafe and we encourage you to keep your children inside the building at all times.
The intent of this email is not to scare anyone – we have had zero indication that our Shul or any Shul in Passaic/Clifton is any sort of target. However, it is our achrayus as Yidden to daven to Hashem for protection and to do our Hishtadlus in protecting ourselves.
Thank you, Board of Trustees BMZE
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