Mishloach Manos 2019

As we have done each year, the Shul will once again have a Mishloach Manos program. The Shul will give a beautifully prepared Mishloach Manos to every member of the Shul, in the name of all families participating in the program. The cost to participate is $75. This program is also an important fundraiser for the Shul, we thank you for your support.
To order, fill out your name as you would like it to appear on the card and click “Buy Now’ to continue to Paypal, where you can either log in to your account or continue with any major credit card.

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In order to have your family’s name printed on the card, payment must be received by the Shul no later than Sunday, March 17th.

A New Home

We will be launching a New Building campaign shortly, and need your help.

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Reznitsky Shalom Zachor

With gratitude to Hashem Yisborach for all of the good He has bestowed upon us, and specifically for the birth of our son, we would like to invite you to the shalom zachor to take place this Shabbos, Parashas Lech Lecha, at the Rackoff home, 411 Rutherford Blvd, Clifton.
The bris will take place IY”H on Tuesday, October 23 at BTU Shacharis at 7:50 Bris at 8:35
Yaacov Meir Reznitsky and family
Yisroel Reznitsky and family Nachum Rackoff and family